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Paperboard Strip

The rectangular oil duct stay is made of 100% pure wood pulp insulating cardboard and must not contain any foreign matter and impurities that affect electrical performance. Any processing part shall be free of cracking and delamination, concave-convex or deep tooth impressions of more than 20μm, spots and burrs, carbonization and color difference due to density and processing. Thickness S:1~12mm Width B:4~100mm Length L:20~2000mm

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Oil-Immersed Transformer Insulating Materials | Mutual Inductor Insulation Materials

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Rectangular oil duct support is made from 100% wood pulp insulation paperboard, and it must be free from any impurities that could compromise its electrical performance. Any processed part shall be free of cracking and delamination and shall be free of unevenness or deep teeth marks exceeding 20 μm, spots, burrs, and carbonization, but color variation due to density and processing is acceptable.
Thickness S: 1–12 mm 
Width B: 4–100 mm 
Length L: 20–2,000 mm


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