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Insulation Molding Parts

Insulation molding parts include end ring, a pressing ring, the whole insulation tube stay, angle ring, lead angle ring piece, overall angle ring and series products.

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Oil-Immersed Transformer Insulating Materials | Mutual Inductor Insulation Materials

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Insulation molding parts refer to the end rings, pressing rings, integral insulation tube supports, angle rings, lead angle ring plates, the overall angle ring, and series products that are produced by machining, molding, wet molding, and other methods. They can effectively maintain a uniform electric field distribution within transformers. Especially in areas with high electric field intensity, they exhibit characteristics of stable size and high electrical strength, thereby ensuring the reliability and stability of the transformer.  
They should be stored in a dry, clean, dust-free room away from direct sunlight while taking dust-proof and moisture-proof measures. Insulating parts should not be in direct contact with the ground during storage.

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