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TBEA Shenyang transformer 60 years of vicissitudes of life

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In the 60 years since the founding of New China, China's power equipment industry has achieved a step-by-step leap. These gradually advanced equipment have ensured the smooth development of the national economy and carried the glory and dream of the revitalization of the power industry. Let us set our sights on TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenyang Transformer Factory) to share the growth experience of this enterprise born before and growing after liberation.
In the 1950 s
Broken factory buildings, old machine tools to build large transformers
In 1952, my country's first self-produced large-capacity transformer "Five Thousand" came out in Shenyang Transformer Factory, ending the history of my country's inability to manufacture large transformers. On September 24, the reporter dialed the telephone of Liu Fengzhou, former party secretary of Shenyang transformer factory.
Liu Fengzhou, who is 80 years old this year, still has a clear idea: "On November 2, 1948, after the liberation of Shenyang, the military representatives entered the factory, and the Shen transformer resumed production in the ruins. After three years of efforts, the production of the enterprise has been basically stable. In 1951, the factory accepted the task of manufacturing China's first 5000 KVA large transformer."
However, this task is not easy to accomplish. At that time, Shen transformer could only produce railway accessories and small transformers.
Poor conditions are a bigger challenge. Song Caifei, a famous die-casting expert in China, worked in Shenchang in the early days of the founding of New China. He said: "At that time, the equipment left over from the Manchukuo period of the plant was very old, the plant was large, with railways, but not a decent building. Later, office buildings and large transformer workshops were built one after another, but the living facilities were pitifully small. There was a small two-story dormitory on the edge of the plant, all of which was given to technicians from the south, which was taken special care." In 1950, Song Caifei's family lived in one house. The dormitory for the workers' families is a simple bungalow with poor conditions. The life of the workers in the factory is very difficult. The big stove is full of sorghum rice.
Liu Fengzhou said that the conditions were indeed difficult at the time, but everyone took the factory as their home, worked overtime, and even ate and slept in the workshop, and many heroes emerged.
Wang Fengen's name is closely linked to the 5000 kVA transformer. He entered the factory in 1948, starting from a broken factory building and several old machine tools, and more than a hundred workers promoted the leap of transformer technology in our country and became a famous model worker in the country. Become a famous national labor model.
Without precedent, it is unimaginably difficult to manufacture 5000 kVA transformers. The first process is stuck: no one can do the insulation cylinder of the transformer-the previous insulation cylinder is foreign. It takes a machine to roll the insulating paper into a bobbin. The Party branch asked him to do something about it. At that time, Wang Fengen, the section chief of the large transformer workshop, was a "big man" (the most authoritative person in one aspect) to repair the motor. He was also good at driving a crane, but he had never built a machine. However, his sense of responsibility prompted him to decide to complete the task. Later, in a test, the rolled insulation cylinder was covered with pleats. However, this special insulating material was not available in China at that time and was supported by the Soviet Union. He was distraught at the piles of scrap. Once, when he came home with a difficult problem, he saw his wife ironing and sat watching. Looking around, he suddenly got up and grabbed the iron and ran out. His wife did not look back at what he called at the back. When he came to the factory, he pressed and pushed the insulating paper with an iron, thus solving the problem of foaming of the insulating paper that had plagued the factory for many years.
In order to "treat" the transformer, Wang Fengen once squatted beside the machine for three days and three nights, listening to the sound of the machine running like a doctor taking the pulse, and finally overcoming the difficult problem. In the absence of the conditions for the production of large transformers, we have just manufactured machines and equipment such as winding machines, drum machines, welding machines, neck-extending large table presses, pipe coiling machines, pipe stripping machines, insulation cylinders, etc.
Through the joint efforts of all employees of the factory, the 5000 kVA large transformer, which represented the highest production level of that year, was finally successfully offline and was affectionately called "No. 5,000" by the workers ". The capacity of the "Five Thousand" is 100 times larger than that of the products before liberation, and the voltage level is 44 kV to 66 kV, which means that my country's transformer manufacturing technology has entered a new milestone.
"At that time, everyone was overjoyed, beating gongs and drums, and held a commendation meeting. 'Five Thousand 'and other large transformers have continuously supported the basic construction of factories, mines, power stations and rural areas in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, becoming the Guanting Reservoir, Dandong Power Grid, Jilin Power Grid and supporting equipment for key national projects such as Angang, Baotou Steel and Wuhan Iron and Steel, as well as supporting the production and construction in North Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and Yugoslavia." Liu Fengzhou memories.
In the 1980 s
500 kV transformers outperform foreign products
Newcomers replace each other. In the late 1970 s, after graduating from Wang Jing University, he entered Shenyang Transformer Factory to work as a technician. "I studied magnetism in college, and when I came to the transformer factory, I was assigned to the high-voltage laboratory. My main job was transformer design." In an interview with reporters, Wang Jing has always been proud of doing this job.
At that time, the world transformer market was still monopolized by Siemens, Westinghouse and other large companies. The 500 kV transformer production technology was only in the hands of a few countries such as Canada, and my country's transformer technology was still at the level of 220 kV.
Is it to spend a lot of money to buy from abroad, or to overcome difficulties to build their own? Shen changed to choose the latter. "It was not easy to design. At that time, engineers led several of us to do it, looking for materials and making molds. It was really hard work. After tens of thousands of experiments and several years, the 500 kV transformer was finally manufactured successfully." Wang Jing said. When large foreign companies have strong technical and financial support, the factory's laboratory can only rely on simple equipment and few pages of information. Having achieved success, they have reason to be proud.
In 1980, the state approved the transformation project of "500000 volt power transmission and transformation measures" project of Shenyang transformer, with the aim of making Shenyang transformer fully equipped with the environmental conditions for producing 500 kV transformers and transformers. At the end of 1983, the project was completed, and Shen transformer has the ability to mass produce 500 kV transformers and transformers.
Zhu Yinghao, former chief engineer of Shen Bian and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has always insisted on the localization of 500 kV transformers. In September 1985, Gezhouba Power Plant needed a 360000 KVA 500 KV autotransformer. After signing a formal technical agreement with Shenbian, it was still not at ease. At the same time, it ordered one from a Japanese factory and decided to use Shenbian as a spare part. In June 1986, Shen Bian's products were transported to Gezhouba Power Plant for commissioning and official operation, but Japan's products have not yet been built. When it was built, it was broken down in less than 10 minutes after trial operation on the system and could not be used. At that time, Japanese products cost millions of dollars, while Shenbian products only cost millions of yuan.
Zhu Yinghao also said: "There was once a user who imported an outdoor reactor from abroad. He was afraid of damage, so he asked to design a similar type of standby reactor. He traveled all over the country and no one dared to take over. Finally found us, I made a" military order "with him: do as he asked," taste before buy '. The condition is that I dare to do it and you have to dare to use it. Analysis, research, data, testing, two years after delivery, fully meet the requirements of the standard. He is quite satisfied. Our products have good after-sales service and save money."
"You dare to use, I dare to do, believe me, no matter how complex and difficult to do transformer products we can do, the two sides 'dare' together, our national industry will be developed. Always spend foreign exchange to buy, Chinese enterprises will never move forward." Zhu Yinghao has always believed this.
The reporter learned that the project of "Jinliao 500 kV test line segment and complete set of power transmission and transformation equipment" participated by Shen transformer won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, and the national standard projects of "360000 kVA 500 kV autotransformer used in Gezhouba power plant" and "power transformer" won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress respectively.
On June 16, 1995, President Jiang Zemin pointed out during an inspection visit to Shen Yi: "I have been to Shen Yi many times, and I am familiar with the old leaders before. At first, Shen Yi could only produce some small transformers, but then gradually developed to 110 kV, 220 kV, 500 kV, here are the painstaking efforts of many workers, is the result of your hard work."
On January 6, 2009, the Southeast Shanxi-Nanyang-Jingmen 1000 kV UHV AC test demonstration project was officially put into operation. In many reports since then, many media have said in the same way: in this project, there is no complete equipment with foreign trademarks. Behind this, there are more than 100 domestic electrical equipment enterprises involved, Shen also did not miss this opportunity.
On July 17, 2009, the reporter saw in the final assembly workshop of Shenyuan that there was no difference between day and night. Since early July, 12 employees have worked hard day and night to successfully assemble China's second ± 800 kV UHV converter transformer.
"In the world's UHV technology 'bend', we are temporarily ahead of the competition with international giants." Shen change executive deputy general manager Wang Changxu said proudly. Since the beginning of 2009, Shenyuan has manufactured 6 million-volt high-voltage transformers, and its independent innovation capability has reached the peak of the international industry.
In fact, after the State Grid Corporation proposed the construction of UHV, some people believe that there is currently no mature commercial UHV equipment in the world, and there is a gap between domestic companies and similar international companies. They are in the development of key equipment such as transformers and controllable reactors. Both will encounter severe tests. On this basis, UHV equipment will be directly developed and used for commercial operation, with a large technical span.
"There are no obvious insurmountable technical barriers to UHV." The State Grid Corporation of China has come to this scientific conclusion on the basis of a large number of investigations.
Encouraged by the State Grid Corporation of China, on October 12, 2007, TBEA Shenbian officially launched the construction project of the world's largest power transmission and transformation industrial park in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. The project takes the development of ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage AC and DC transformers as the core, and the development of new high-tech products such as high-voltage transformers, bushings, high-voltage switches, and international complete sets of engineering as the manufacturing base, construction of the world's largest one-time investment, the largest production capacity, the highest voltage level of the factory.
On September 12, 2008, the National Development and Reform Commission officially authorized the implementation of the "UHV Substation Technology National Engineering Laboratory Construction Project" by TBEA Shen ". This is the only national engineering laboratory in China's transformer industry. On December 19, 2008, TBEA Shenbian was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.
For decades, Shen's innovation ability has long been recognized by peers around the world. Shen Change in the new era is propping up the skeleton of China's electric power "highway" with its own unique technology, creating an UHV "broadband network" for the next round of rapid development of China's economy ".
People not only have to ask, a company with a proud history and technical heritage is not a Shen Bian company, why there are so many "first sets" concentrated on it and can continue to achieve outstanding performance in the UHV field?
The reporter learned that the development of Shenyang's first UHV AC 1 million kVA/1000 kV transformer was not started from scratch. As early as 1998, it produced a 150000 kVA transformer prototype with strong technical reserves.
"The national policy support for UHV and the State Grid Corporation's support for the localization of equipment have strongly promoted the localization of UHV power transmission and transformation equipment." TBEA Chairman Zhang Xin said so.
Change today, still in progress. "Compared with the output value of 4.5 billion yuan, a year is 365 naive, and 24 hours a day is really not enough." On July 8, 2009, in an interview, Tong Mei of Shen Jian's manufacturing department readily expressed Shen Jian's view of time. Today, more than 10000 workers are in "three shifts", and the machines in three large equipment workshops keep running 24 hours a day. They are working hard for the electric power industry of the great motherland.

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