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Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech

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"People-oriented, technological innovation" Nantong Zhongling boosts insulation material industry development
—Interview with the journal "Insulation Materials", Chairman of Nantong Zhongling Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.
  Nantong ZhongLing Power Technology Co., Ltd. is the first company in Yazhou Town to exceed 100 million yuan and Hai'an County Top 100 Enterprises. The company was established in 1992 and was jointly invested by Japan Miki Co., Ltd, and Hai'an County Insulation Materials Factory,The intersection of the coastal economic belt and the Yangtze River Economic Belt has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. The company specializes in the production of specialized companies such as rhombic gluing paper, rhombic gluing film, DMD prepreg, aluminum foil shielding paper, electrical soft composite materials.insulating paperboard, molded insulation. corrugated paper tube and other insulating materials; Exported to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions, and for more than 600 domestic transformers, transformer manufacturers, and praised by domestic and foreign users.The market share is over 65%. In 2000, the company passed the ISO9000 quality system certification. In 2007, it won the title of Jiangsu Trustworthy Product. In 2008, Zhongling brand insulation material won the title of Nantong Famous Brand Product,and in 2014 it was awarded the title of Jiangsu Famous Brand Product.
  "Insulation Materials": From the beginning of the company's establishment, what things have made you most memorable in the process of continuous development and growth of the company?
  At the beginning of the company's establishment.I went to a famous transformer factory in the south to promote our products together with the company's technicians. At the beginning, people didn't let us enter the door. It was hard to get in. The other party also disdained us. Gu, show us the products of a well-known foreign company: If you can reach such a level.we will, or avoid talking. This deeply stimulated me. Now our product standard exceeds the products of this foreign company. This transformer factory has also become our good partner.
  "Insulation Materials": What are the advantages and unique features of your company's products compared with similar products, such as rhombic gluing paper, rhombic gluing polyester film, DMD prepreg and other products produced by your company?
  Our company produces rhombic gluing insulation paper which is coated with special modified epoxy resin on the insulating paper. It can be used as the insulation and interlayer insulation of coil wires of oil-immersed power transformers. The baking is sufficient to prevent the displacement of the layers of the winding, thereby ensuring stable electrical and mechanical properties of the product insulation structure.
  The rhombic sizing polyester film is an insulating material in which a modified special epoxy insulating resin is rhombic coated on an electric polyester film and baked into a semi-cured stage. Since the resin coating of the diamond-shaped sizing polyester film is not integral but in a dot shape, the uncoated channel is very advantageous for the air removal between the insulating materials and the immersion of the liquid, so that the corona damage and partial discharge damage are minimized. value. Interlayer insulation can be used in gas or oil insulation systems. It is mainly used for interlayer insulation and turn-to-turn insulation of sulfur hexafluoride transformers and transformers.
  The F-grade DMD epoxy prepreg is made of polyester film and polyester fiber non-woven fabric which are compounded with F-grade heat-resistant adhesive and impregnated with heat-resistant epoxy resin. The special resin and its auxiliary materials are made by DOM of the United States, SHELL of the United Kingdom and Germany. The surface of the product is flat and stable, and the bonding strength to copper foil and aluminum foil is high. After the material is wrapped with copper or aluminum foil, there is almost no low-molecular volatilization during vacuum drying and drying, no bubble is formed in the cured product, pinholes are formed in the cross section, and partial discharge occurs, and the shrinkage rate is low. This product is superior to domestic similar products in terms of appearance quality, mechanical and electrical performance. It is an ideal dry-type power transformer, reactor and other motor-to-slot, inter-turn, and interlayer insulation materials.
  The aluminum foil shielding paper developed by the company's independent innovation is a new type of shielding insulation material made of high-density insulating paper, high-purity aluminum foil using special adhesive and special process. It is mainly used for the ground screen of transformers, transformers and reactors. The electrostatic shielding layer and the coil conductive layer improve the electromagnetic field distribution after use, reduce partial discharge, strengthen insulation, reduce loss, and improve safety and reliability. It has filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level. It is a new type of shielding insulation material that is not needed in the domestic high-voltage electrical industry.
  The company's soft composite materials for electrical use mainly include B-grade, F-grade, H-grade DMD, NMN, NHN, composite coaming and other composite materials with good mechanical and electrical properties, mainly used in the inter-groove and interphase between high and low voltage motors. Insulation and transformer insulation, or end insulation.
  The electrical insulation board made of different specifications and thickness produced by the company has large tightness, uniform thickness, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong toughness and electrical insulation. It is widely used in motor motors, transformers, transformers, reactors and capacitors. Power transmission and transformation equipment. The newly developed transformer insulating molded parts can be accurately produced by mechanical processing, molding, wet forming, etc., such as end rings, pressure rings, integral insulation cylinders, stays, corner rings, lead angle ring pieces, and integral corner rings. Ensure that the electric field distribution is consistent in the transformer. Especially in the area where the high electric field intensity is distributed, it has the characteristics of stable insulation size and high electric strength to ensure the reliability and stability of the transformer operation.
  Our company is one of the main drafting units of the above-mentioned several product industry standards. It is the first company in China to successfully develop products such as rhombic gluing insulating paper, rhombic gluing film, aluminum foil shielding paper, etc. The products have applied for invention patents, and Supported by the Development Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Our company invests heavily in R&D technology, attaches great importance to the independent research and development of products, and never imitates others. The products have core competitiveness. Our production equipment is advanced, and we have many unique features that other companies do not have. Let our products users Safe to use, economical and reliable. Therefore, we often say that our products are worn on the shore with rain boots, with sufficient quality and safety margins, and will never let users wet shoes.
  "Insulation Materials": After listening to the introduction of the company and the advantages of our products, please tell us about the market strategy that your company will adopt under the current fierce competition.
  The current market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and competition is becoming more and more full. Many companies are constantly imitating our products and competing for the market with price. This has had some impact on us more or less. However, we have our own core competitiveness and cooperate with many well-known foreign companies to survive with the quality and performance of our products. The trust of users is better than any publicity. At the same time, we have established distribution points in major cities across the country in order to provide customers with faster and better quality services.
  "Insulation Materials": What special management methods does the company have in quality management and after-sales protection? What do you do to grasp the needs of users? How to meet the special requirements of customers?
  Each batch of our products has a sample and archive. Each volume and every product that is sent to the user can be traced back to the production team and individual even after a long time. The whole process of product quality is carried out in the production process. Tracking, the previous process is responsible for the next process, strictly in accordance with the ISO internal flow program. The engineers cooperate with the sales staff to visit the users regularly, solicit their opinions, and what aspects of our products are not perfect enough to provide users with assistance in selecting materials for the new process, and regard the user's use process as the next process in our production process, and Users develop together.
  "Insulation Materials": It is understood that the company has cooperated with Harbin University of Science and Technology to form a new product in cooperation with industry, university and research institutes. It has also cooperated with foreign companies to research ultra-high temperature resistant insulation paperboard projects. How are these projects progressing now? What new technology breakthroughs have you made recently?
  Every step of our company's development is inseparable from the advancement of technology. We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Harbin University of Science and Technology. Through cooperation with them, we have gained a deeper understanding of the latest development direction of the insulation materials industry. Under the leadership of professors, their doctoral and master students are not Regular research work at the company has added a strong impetus to the company's development. The high-temperature insulating paperboard project that is being carried out recently has also made significant progress. The experimental samples have passed the testing of the quality inspection and testing center of the mechanical industry electrical materials, and have reached the level of similar foreign products.
  "Insulation Materials": Please tell us about your company's employment philosophy, values, and corporate spirit? Do you have any good experience or methods in business management?
  The key factor in the development of a company lies in people. We treat our employees like our own brothers and sisters, which means that our company is like a big family. Every employee of the company, whether it is a manager, a technician or a production worker, is the wealth of our company and the cornerstone of our company's development. It is equally important to develop a company and care for the lives of its employees. We will communicate with our employees in an ideological and emotional manner in a timely manner, so that everyone feels that we have a dry head, a head and a way out in our company, so that our company is an active part of the social division of labor. A strong collective participating in market competition is a healthy and warm family.
  "Insulation Materials": What is your company's business strategy and business objectives? What kind of development plan will be in the next three to five years?
  According to the planning goal proposed by the national economy in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” for the construction of the national grid, it is estimated that the national grid investment will exceed 2 trillion yuan in the next 10 years. This will bring unprecedented development opportunities to the entire power industry, and will also bring technological improvements and technological innovations in the power industry products. As a professional backbone manufacturer of basic materials products for the power industry, this also provides an opportunity for our company to develop and grow rapidly. We will seize this rare opportunity, strengthen our own construction, actively explore, increase investment in technology and production, further improve the product system, strive to develop, and strive to create a new "Zhongling" in three years.
  "Insulation Materials": It is understood that your company put forward technical requirements for new metal insulation materials in 2008. Has this demand been resolved? Now Guilin Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. is the fifth batch of technology transfer demonstration institutions. Does your company still need technical supply or demand to help us?
  In 2008, our company consulted your company about high-purity copper foil, aluminum foil and other related technologies. With the help of your company, we have successfully applied it to the shielding materials of large transformers. The transformer factory used the material, and the project also applied for the corresponding patent and received financial support from the Ministry of Science and Technology. As the focal point of our industry, your company is very grateful to your company for your help. In the future, we will continue to maintain a cooperative relationship with your company, mutual benefit and development.
  "Insulation Materials": As the vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the Insulation Materials Branch of the New China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, how do you view the current status of the insulation materials industry and its future development? What differences do you think domestic technology has with foreign countries in terms of insulation paper?
  In recent years, under the background of national development, the development of the entire insulation industry is better, especially the regular seminars on insulation materials technology and standard revision and revision meetings, which provide a good exchange and learning for the industry. Platform, but we must see that the level of domestic insulation materials development is still far from the developed countries, such as the overall technical level and overall design capabilities. As a manufacturer of insulating materials, we must understand the requirements of users of insulating materials, understand their design ideas, participate in their overall design, and recommend our material application solutions. In recent years, there have been some bad tendencies of vicious competition in our industry. Even some of the black sheep have shoddy and ruined the reputation of our overall industry. Our industry associations should strengthen guidance and supervision to promote the healthy development of the entire industry.

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