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Epoxy fiberglass insulation dogbone


The epoxy fiberglass insulation dogbone has the advantages of high mechanical strength, excellent electrical performance, flame resistance, corrosion resistance, arc resistance, etc.It’s mainly used for the dry type transformer , the reactor and the wave resistance device.

The characteristic of eposy fiberglass insulation dogbone:

1.High mechanical strength.For more than 70% of the unidirectional fiber as the reinforcement material used for pultrusion products, it has a high tensile, flexural, compressive strength.

2.Excellent electrical insulation.It has excellent electrical insulation properties for the small air gap.

3.Dimensional stability.

4.Chemical corrosion resistance.

5.The application process is good, the application scope is broad, the customer may the free design section size. It can be made according to the requirements of users, and the product sizes of different section shapes and different length requirements are accurate, the tolerance is small, the surface is smooth, no need the mechanical processing , and the utility model can be directly applied.Size of Class F fiberglass insulation dogbone:

4×8 8×10 10×15 13×16 14×24 18×20

6×6 8×20 10×16 13×19 15×15 20×18

6×8 10×8 10×19 14×12 16×16

6×9 10×10 12×12 14×16 16×18

8×8 10×12 12×14 14×18 16×20

8×9 10×13 12×16 14×20 16×22

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