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ZhongLing Power Technology


was co-established in 1992 by Miki Pulley Co., Ltd. and Hai’an Insulation Materials Factory; located in the cross area of the coastal economic belt and the Yangtze economic belt with advantageous transportation, Zhongling is a professional producer of rhombus-shaped coating insulation papers, rhombus-shaped coating films, DMD prepreg materials, aluminum foil shielding papers, electrician soft composite materials, insulation paperboards, molded insulation parts, crepe paper tubes and so forth, which are provided to more than 600 domestic transformer and mutual inductor manufacturers with over 65% market share and exported....


Passed ISO9001 quality system certification

Professional maintenance staff

Obtained national invention patent

Leadership Declaration

Nantong ZhongLing Power Technology Co., Ltd. is the first company in Yazhou Town to exceed 100 million yuan and Hai'an County Top 100 Enterprises. The company was established in 1992 and was jointly invested by Japan Miki Co., Ltd. and Hai'an County Insulation Materials Factory. The intersection of the coastal economic belt and the Yangtze River Economic Belt has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. The company specializes in the production of specialized companies such as rhombic gluing paper, rhombic gluing film, DMD prepreg, aluminum foil shielding paper, electrical soft composite materials, insulating paperboard, molded insulation, corrugated paper tube and other insulating materials; Exported to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions, and for more than 600 domestic transformers, transformer manufacturers, and praised......